Roddie & Louie


Aquila, Edinburgh, Scotland

Century HouseMadison, WI 53705, USA,

Chirpy, Leeds, England

Cloudberry, Edinburgh, Scotland

Concrete Wardrobe, Edinburgh, Scotland

Plaisir, Biggar, Scotland

The Dancing Light Gallery, Whitmuir, Scotland

The Blue Magpie, Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland

Boo Vake, Perth, Scotland

Dallas & Dallas, Glasgow, Scotland

Glenalmond Tweed, Perthshire, Scotland

Belles & Whistles, Norfolk, England

Indica, Guernsey, England

The Blanket Store, Frankfurt, Germany

Raum Design, Baden, Austria

PC Trade, London

Property Store, New York, USA

Bebes, Oklahoma, USA

Otto, Brroklyn, NY, USA

Highcamp Home, California, USA

Maya, New Mexico, USA

Haus Love, Indiana, USA

Blake & Co, Massachussetts, USA

Blue Tree, NY, USA

Walker Art Center, Minnesota, USA


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Welcome to Roddie & Louie - Scottish lambswool products all lovingly knitted and finished by hand in the Scottish Borders.